Thursday, January 28, 2010

Nutella Oatmeal!

YES!!! But, not using actual nutella 'cause it's chock full of whey and milk fats and stuff.

I used So Delicious Coconut Creamer Hazelnut mixed with some water, added cocoa and honey and -- SOOOOO DELICIOUS!!!  (pun intended)

The recipe was inspired by the ever enticing mélange of oatmeal creations.

Some food porn for ya:



Only half-way there and already so full!!

p.s. Cocoa oatmeal pictures always look so...questionably #2-like in photos... =\  Bummer, cause they taste #1 in my book!!!  :D

Friday, January 22, 2010

Looooooooooooooooong break...

It's been forever since I wrote anything here, I took a very long break, but I have been eating in the mean time. Ain't no doubt.

So, here are some of the pictures of the yummy delish foods I have partaken in:

The banana cream pie I have promised to blog about ages ago (whoops!) and it was so-so., less than so-so. It was just so.  =\

Moving on...

Yummy yummy potato enchilada!

My favorite salad -- red cabagge with cumin, mustard seasoning, lemon juice and peas!

Unbelievably good sushi, with brown rice and all sorts of veggies!

Some kind of soup I am sure I enjoyed:

Lord knows what was in it (but it's looking like peas, ya. Or lentil.).

Wonderfully tasty raw "fried rice" recipe over at DDD. Highly recommended!

Gobbled it up with some "crab" cakes. Tough recipe, ok taste.

This was one of my favorite meals ever! A keeper and a repeat offender in my future meal-planning, you can bet on it! Tempeh hot wingz, carrot fries and corn -- with my special dipping sauce (your fave hot sauce, vegan mayo and mustard).

One more for the road:

And today's (and yesterday's) lunch:

Salad greens with olive oil vinaigrette, roasted veggies, giardiniera, huge red olives, and home-made cashew cheese. Just look at that gorgeous "cheese:"

Oh My!!  =P

I'll be back (not in two months, though -- promise!) with some more yummies.

In the mean time, eat, sleep and be merry; or go get married. Or drink. But don't drive.

And have it your way. =D

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


As I said, best give-away ever!!! Chocolate Covered Katie is a give-away goddess, and I don't throw that title around casually. She earned this one! I am so PSYCHED!  =D

Check it out!

...or don't! Actually. More chances for me to win, then.   =]