Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Bread -- fresh, warm, soft, straight out of the oven -- is my favorite thing to eat, and this blogger is giving a Dempster’s® OvenFresh™ bread away!! Check it out here.

God, please help me win this one.....

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


My favorite fruit! And Katie is giving POM juice away!!

What are you waiting for?? Go enter!


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Long wait, litle payout

I promised a picture of the fully baked and frosted yummy vanilla cupcake a couple posts back and here it is:

It is frosted with a mixture of some Artisana coconut butter (mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, heaven in a jar!) and honey.

Here, they sit ready to be smothered in some white, creamy deliciousness (!!!!! O_o Wait!?) and inserted into the mouth (.......now hang on a minute...).

I think tonight may need to be a short post. Ya.  =\

Here you go, some food poooor... um, some food...excitement  enticement  pleasure  stimulation  sensual -- ah, screw it! Cupcakes:

Saturday, March 13, 2010

A week of couscous

I've been eating a lot of couscous lately -- A LOT! It's the French whole wheat kind, and even though delicious (especially with a generous dollop of Sambal Oelek and vegan Smart Balance), it's a bit much eating it 5 days in a row.

But, it's been made and I don't really feel like cooking something else after work, so one more day and then I'll take a break so the next time I have it it'll have that first time out-of-this-world taste again.

Here's some pics:

I ate it with a spinach salad with edamame, avocado, green onion, and mustard/balsamic vinegar/herbs dressing.

And for breakfast, I've been munching  on these awesome vanilla cupcakes from VegNews. Instead of water I used Silk Nog, I halved the recipe, and as a frosting I'm using a combo of Artisana Coconut Butter and sorgham syrup. What a way to start the day!! Who needs coffee -- I certainly never do.  =]

Making the dough

(great for eating raw!)

Divide into muffin pan 

(I was a little short of dough on a couple of them)

Finished product with he frosting coming soon!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Drinks are on me!

Well, the recipes are.  =]

Here's a staple in almost every vegan's (definitely raw foodist's) diet -- green smoothie!

It looks a lot more like a "purple" ice cream and that's because of two things:

1) LOTS of frozen berries I added
2) xanthan gum!

Ya, adding xanthan gum to your smoothies will make then thicken and have an ice creamy consistency, just ask Mama Pea. She completely changed the way I "drink" my smoothies now -- with a spoon!

Looks blurry but it's not how it tasted.   =P

I buy tahini sometimes, and I did so again several months back. It's not a problem or anything, even though I sound like it, but every time I buy it I end up not having anywhere to use it. Especially lately, since I've started following proper food combining, I no longer put tahini in home-made hummus. So what to do with it...?

Well, I turned to the same source that taught me proper food combining: Gena of Choosing Raw -- make a sesame drink! Brilliant!! And totally delicious!

It's so creamy and frothy and smooth, I highly recommend it! Simple to make too: 1 part tahini to 4 parts water. Blend. Drink.


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Very pretty give-away

These are so lovely, aren't they?

Well, Just Audrey is giving a $25 gift certificate for Glass Dharma (whose web-site I can't seem to get on right now) so make sure to enter!

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Good luck everyone!

A veritable feast!

It was!! I made hummus (to vegetarians and vegans what air is to the rest of humanity, little asked SAT question), added some good bread, veggies, water... HOLY MOLY!! =D Happy happy tummy!


Two kinds of hummus: artichoke-mushroom (with kalamata olives on the side)


*1/2 jar artichoke hearts
*sauteed mushrooms (seasoned)
*1 can garbanzo beans
*1 Tbsp soy milk powder dissolved in 2 Tbsp water (thicker consistency than regular soy milk)
*olive oil
*garlic powder (or cloves)

Feed into food processor, chop, chomp. In that order.
The second was sun-dried tomato-giardiniera with celery sticks:


OHMYGOD was this good!! Same deal as above, but sub tomatoes for artichokes and giardiniera for mushrooms. Add some nice, warm, freshly-baked Whole Foods bread to the mix, put your feet up, and don't look back.


Monday, March 1, 2010


Yes, "stevia?" not "stevia." "Question mark" because I wanna know how the world feels about it.  =]

I'm...on the fence. Recently I made pumpkin cheesecake (ok, like 4months ago). And I used stevia. (Not stevia? in this case.)


The usual suspects:
*1 pack MoriNu silken tofu
*5-6oz vegan cream cheese
*1 tsp vanilla extract
*1 can (14oz) cooked pumpkin
*dash of stevia
*graham cracker crust (crushed graham crackers, oil of some kind)

Pretty sure that was it. Simple. Looks nice.


Tastes...chemically.  =\  Not very sweet. Not normal sweet. At least to me. In teas, I like it, and have no problems with the taste. Maybe stevia is just not meant for (baking and) such rich, luscious desserts as cheesecake. More along the lines of

I tried to improve the taste with some banana butter as a whipped-like topping


But it turns out I don't like that much, either.

On a totally unpredictable note, my husband, the anti-vegan, liked it. Go figure!