Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Drinks are on me!

Well, the recipes are.  =]

Here's a staple in almost every vegan's (definitely raw foodist's) diet -- green smoothie!

It looks a lot more like a "purple" ice cream and that's because of two things:

1) LOTS of frozen berries I added
2) xanthan gum!

Ya, adding xanthan gum to your smoothies will make then thicken and have an ice creamy consistency, just ask Mama Pea. She completely changed the way I "drink" my smoothies now -- with a spoon!

Looks blurry but it's not how it tasted.   =P

I buy tahini sometimes, and I did so again several months back. It's not a problem or anything, even though I sound like it, but every time I buy it I end up not having anywhere to use it. Especially lately, since I've started following proper food combining, I no longer put tahini in home-made hummus. So what to do with it...?

Well, I turned to the same source that taught me proper food combining: Gena of Choosing Raw -- make a sesame drink! Brilliant!! And totally delicious!

It's so creamy and frothy and smooth, I highly recommend it! Simple to make too: 1 part tahini to 4 parts water. Blend. Drink.



  1. Yummy! My green smoothies are sometimes red from all the strawberries I add, but they are always delicious!