Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A veritable feast!

It was!! I made hummus (to vegetarians and vegans what air is to the rest of humanity, little asked SAT question), added some good bread, veggies, water... HOLY MOLY!! =D Happy happy tummy!


Two kinds of hummus: artichoke-mushroom (with kalamata olives on the side)


*1/2 jar artichoke hearts
*sauteed mushrooms (seasoned)
*1 can garbanzo beans
*1 Tbsp soy milk powder dissolved in 2 Tbsp water (thicker consistency than regular soy milk)
*olive oil
*garlic powder (or cloves)

Feed into food processor, chop, chomp. In that order.
The second was sun-dried tomato-giardiniera with celery sticks:


OHMYGOD was this good!! Same deal as above, but sub tomatoes for artichokes and giardiniera for mushrooms. Add some nice, warm, freshly-baked Whole Foods bread to the mix, put your feet up, and don't look back.



  1. Great to find another Chicagoan blogger, especially one named Mara!!! :)

  2. I sent my husband a link to your blog (the one with cute foods was especially enjoyable to read and look at!) and he said "she's got a great name!" ;-)

    I have a feeling he'll be picking out many great recipes from your blog in the future.