Thursday, October 8, 2009

As promised, here's today's lunch -- lentil soup and polenta chips (with some spicy mayo sauce and a teeeny dessert):

The lentil soup is sooo easy to make. Cover lentils with stock or seasoned water, add veggies you like (I added chopped carrots and celery), a Tbsp or so of oil if you want, bring to a boil, cover and cook for 45-50min. And, of course, I added cayenne pepper. ;]

The recipe for polenta chips is here, except I added 2Tbsp of Follow Your Heart cream cheese.

The chips alone:

Oh, and for breakfast, I Hugged-a-carb! =D
Oatmeal with chocolate pudding stirred in -- oh, Heaven!!!!!

My chocolate pudding had:

*1/3 cup silken tofu (1 package of pre-sweetened caramel flavored Pete's tofu 2 go, which they don't seem to make anymore)

*2 Tbsp almond butter
*1 banana
*2 heaping tsp cocoa
*dash of salt
*vanilla extract

All intimately acquainted each other in the food processor.


  1. OMG yummy! I am waiting to find that pudding near me!

    Can I use your pic on my blog for the photoshoot at the end of the month (with a link back to your blog, of course)?


  2. Of course you can!

    And, I have kept my eye open for more of those tasty tofu thingies, but no such luck. They're not even listed on the company website anymore. I think they may have been discontinued. =[